Vibe Gymnastics Recreational Programs

Our program is designed so children can start gymnastics NOW! They do not have to wait until the next session to begin their class. Open enrollment all year long!


Parent and Tot (18 Months - 3 years)
45 minutes $ 70/month

A parent-interactive class led by enthusiastic instructors qualified to use appropriately sized equipment to enhance motor movement, listening, and social skills while teaching beginning gymnastics skills.  

Fresh Vibes (3-5 years)
60 minutes $ 99/month

Focused on balancing developing motor skills, hand-eye coordination, strength, flexibility with social, listening, and cooperation, this class is taught by instructors qualified to offer structure in a fun environment. Introducing concepts such as cardio balance and strength, your young athlete will practice on the Olympic events and various skills while being taught body awareness and spatial awareness.

Fun Vibes (4-6 years)
60 minutes $ 99/month

Continuing to develop social and gymnastics skills, this more advanced class will balance fun with focusing on correct technique and advancement of developmentally appropriate skills and event progressions. Students will get to use bigger equipment, learn more complex skills, and still have fun learning while further improving body awareness and spatial awareness.



Fearless Vibes (7+ years, Beginning and Intermediate)
60 minutes $ 99
Working their way through safe and industry-approved progressions, athletes will gain confidence as they develop skills under the guidance of expert instructors equipped to understand the need for creating an appropriate balance of challenge and fun.

Fearless Vibes (7+ years, Advanced 1, 2, 3)
90 minutes $ 120/month

Strength, flexibility, balance and on-going confidence will be encouraged as skill level progresses and develops under the guidance of instructors who have experience with various equipment and progressions necessary in order to help your child succeed.

*All classes that have a 5th day will be billed for the extra day.

Get In Motion!

Start your child on the path to an active, healthy lifestyle.