Ever wanted to perform incredible feats of bodyweight strength yet move gracefully like a ninja?

This class is designed for young ninjas to develop their motor skills necessary through balance, agility, strength, and endurance training. The goal is to help participants overcome obstacles both physically and mentally in a fun and safe way.

It can teach them to develop healthy habits, confidence, problem-solving skills, and positive mindfulness!


Fun Sized Ninja
Urban Acro/Ninja (4-6)
60 minutes $89/month
Focused on balance, hand-eye coordination, and strength, this class offers a structured intro to the wide world of parkour, ninja, and freerunning athletics. Your young athlete will practice jumping and landing in safe spaces, all while being taught body and spatial awareness.


Urban Acro/Ninja (7+)
60 minutes $89/month
Tired of your child climbing the walls at home?  Let them climb ours…and jump, run and flip in a safe, supervised environment. Our exceptional equipment and foam pit form the perfect backdrop for your bundle of energy.

Get In Motion!

Start your child on the path to an active, healthy lifestyle.